About me / curatomic.net

Hi, my name is Tobias Kopka, thanks for stopping by!
curatomic.net is the umbrella label for all my freelance activities, from external curation, international partnerships or helping with networking activities to advisory work on games, digital culture and communities.

My focus in freelance work is moderation and consultation on digital strategies and events, understanding myself as sparring partner in your game development projects and digital media and community endeavours.

I speak the language of many fields as bringing in a wide background, network and experience established over 25+ years from wandering between the worlds of games, culture and technology, with substantial experience from side-projects in education, science, performance & art.  

Get in touch if you need access to a broad network in games and digital or a knowledgeable partner creating and assessing tools, methods and strategies of action in the ever ongoing digital change.

If interested in my services contact me here

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