After the conference is before the festival

I am more than glad to announce that I recently joined the team at LUDICIOUS – ZURICH GAME FESTIVAL as Artistic Director for the next editions of Ludicious! After wrapping up Respawn and devcom and some vacation I dived headstart into the preparations with my new team.
So we are pretty busy right now getting the next edition in place, since it is happening already in around three months, aka: soon. So I´m looking forward to work with our new team in Zurich, which is Mike Reaney, Ron Morrow, Viktor Vogt, Lukas Tschümperlin and Nicole Wyss.

“Hey what, Zürich? Where do you live?”

For the moment I´m living most of the time on the road travelling between my homebase in Cologne, between my team and new current main project in Zurich (where I got to know the community better and better over the last three years) and between Berlin, where I want to spend also a fair amount of my time, to stay in touch and learn about the scenery and community on many sides. As you might know my aim has always been to stay in touch with many communities and environments – to wander between the worlds, build bridges and bring people from different domains together: because that´s where new things and relations emerge.

“Anything else?”

Aside of my main-affiliation at Ludicious and supporting the IGDA NRW as co-chair I´m also taking some time aside to kick-off my freelancing work under the new label CURATOMIC, so I´m evaluating options for future partnerships, more on this from 2018 on!

“How about Aruba?”

There is only one good moment to leave a conference: right after the conference. As surprising that might feel from the outside, to the inside the team was in the know for months, and we took the challenge together to kickoff devcom and Respawn to wrap up the main conference season at Aruba and our common work together as a team, so all projects could be finished together. At the moment Computec is reoganising the company, but all of us on the core team are still in great contact – and Stephan and me will might be doing the one or other project again together sometime in the future. Since – of course – as I work and focus to support the Swiss community, I will stay in touch with my hometurf from an international perspective to support and provide value where ever possible. If you are really interested on the deeper reasons just ask me personally and I´m happy to fill in the details.


Yes! I´m employed in Switzerland and will spend more than 50% on my resources on Ludicious over the next years, but I´ve kept some time aside to be able to do freelance work which will help grounding next steps for 2018.