Since home-computers -like the Commodore C64 / CBM – arrived in kids rooms in the mid 80s, the so called demoscene evolved. Since 1992 I´m part of this development, first in the cracker group Agnostic Front, then later-on since 1994 until today in the well known demoscene group Haujobb.

To promote the demoscene (What is the demoscene?) outside of it´s secretive realms we established in 2003 the association Digitale Kultur e.V. in Cologne, Germany. Main aim was to make the demoscene more perceived and thus gather new and old talent for the arcane crafts of realtime-demo-development. The association has it´s focus on activities in Germany, but the mindset of any demoscener is always focussing on a highly international community, and thus we are more than welcome to do stuff everywhere around the world.

Centerpiece of our activities is organising the demoscene-party Evoke in Cologne, Germany – always placed on the weekend before Respawn – Gathering of Game Developers, and – of course – gamescom.

Other activities include expositions, talks, demoshows and we also advise other events and organise tours to events with demoscene-connections.

If you are interested in talks, demoshows or have a budget to invite us for an exposition simply send a message to vorstand at or get in touch with me.


No idea about the demoscene yet? Here is a selection of fantastic demos as Youtube-Videos from 2015: