Tobias Kopka

Biographical Wrapup
Generalist with a strong tendency to the web, games and processes. Hopelessly fallen in love with games since he stumbled over Centipede on the Atari 7800 in the early 80s.

Since October 2012 aboard Aruba Events working on the program, strategy, communications and the infrastructure supporting these. Currently he is the conference director for the game developer conference “Quo Vadis, Games Industry?”, Berlin – and “Respawn – Gathering of Developers”, Cologne. This involves all program decisions, scouting speakers and building the international network through partnerships and co-operations.

Tobias holds an M.A. in media studies of the University in Cologne and has an extensive teaching experience (interactive media, new journalism, media ethics) for more than five years at different mediarelated universities. He gives talks at game- and demoscene related events regularely.

Before working for Aruba he advised the first Next Level Conference (which was centered about art and games) in 2010 and organized and developed it in 2011 programmatically.

From 2009 on he worked as research associate at the ifs internationale filmschule koeln on Serious Games for Gundolf S. Freyermuth (ifs/ Cologne gamelab) and helped to concept and set up the exerlearing conference about sports, games and learning at the ifs in 2011.

Last but not least Tobias is a demoscene member since 1991, founding member of Haujobb (1994) and Digitale Kultur e.V.(2003).
Digitale Kultur e.V. is an organisation supporting the demoscene through talks, lectures and especially through setting up the Demoscene-Event Evoke in Cologne.


Conference & Program Director / Strategy / Communications

Aruba Events

Conference Director
Quo Vadis 2015 – Create.Game.Business / International Games-Week Berlin 2015

Program Director
Respawn – Gathering of game developers 2014

Head of Program
Quo Vadis 2014 – Create.Game.Business / International Games-Week Berlin 2014

Program Editor
Respawn – Gathering of game developers 2013

Strategy, Communications, Program Editor, Program Backend 
Quo Vadis 2013. Create.Game.Business / Deutsche Gamestage Berlin DGT13 /

Lecturer / Speaker

Several Clients

Inbetween 2008 and 2013 Tobias established an extensive teaching experience in giving lectures and workshops at the mhmk (macromedia university for applied sciences) on interactive media (from concept to full product), new journalism and media ethics on a regular basis up to 16 hours a week.

Currently he gives lectures at the Hochschule für Musik und Tanz Köln (one of the world’s foremost performing arts schools and one of the largest music institutions for higher education in Europe with its three campuses in Cologne, Wuppertal, and Aachen) in nonlinear editing teaching students how to use camera and cut to transform their performances into the digital medium and play around with the inter-relations.

Last but not least he gives talks from time to time about the demoscene (latest: “Digitales Kamingespräch” @ Next Level Conference Dortmund / November 2013) or gamerelated topics (latest: “Games / Culture / Business” @ University of Cologne / January 2014).

Senior UX / IA Designer / Concepter


Köln und Umgebung, Deutschland

Since Tobias always tried to connect theory and its appliance into something purposeful he worked in 2013 as Senior UX Designer and Information Architect for Birch Cove Digital in Cologne. There he applied his theoretical knowledge from his lecturing at the mhmk with the practival experience from more than ten years into technology in an result-oriented space like an media agengy is, doing concepts and designing processes for websites, apps and campaigns.

Some clients he worked on were: Alpro, Avène, Betty Barclay, DFB,, Lerros, Luzie, Pierre Fabre, Vera Mont.

Research Associate

ifs internationale filmschule koeln gmbh


Between 2008 and 2011 Tobias worked as research associate at the ifs internationale filmschule koeln on the topic of Serious Games and Gamesbased-Learning for Gundolf S. Freyermuth (ifs/ Cologne gamelab). Thus he helped to concept and set up the exerlearing conference about sports, games and learning at the ifs in 2011, which got his first conference organizing experience, soon to be followed by others.

Technology Specialist

ifs internationale filmschule koeln gmbh

Inbetween 2001 and 2008 Tobias helped the internationale filmschule koeln to establish the technological infrastructure (Networks, Servers, Clients, Editing Suites etc.) while studying at the University of Cologne. After finishing his master of arts he continued to support the mobile content development programmes at the ifs (Alexandra Ohlsen, Sonja Weber) inbetween 2008 and 2011 with his knowledge in games, tech and media.

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