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After the conference is before the festival

I am more than glad to announce that I recently joined the team at LUDICIOUS – ZURICH GAME FESTIVAL as Artistic Director for the next editions of Ludicious! After wrapping up Respawn and devcom and some vacation I dived headstart into the preparations with my new team. So we are …

2017 is here

Dear friends, after 2017 has rolled-out around the globe I´d like to thank you for the time we shared in 2016, be it in physical face-to-face time, or be it here on digital and social media! It´s been a wild ride and I´m thankful for the experiences made. In general …

Achievement unlocked

Achievement unlocked: Speaking publicly – in English – in free speech – in 12 Minutes – on a mainstage – on the cracker/demoscene and communities of game developers – in China. 🙂      


Website-Status: Open Beta.

Welcome! Willkommen! At the moment you´ll find mainly my project references, my CV and my contact information here. I plan to use this site in future to collect and comment on content that caught my eye somehow since I felt the urge to have a place where things last a bit longer …