European Game Showcase at GDC 2017

Coming up soon is the first European Game Showcase at GDC

But how did it come happen to be?

Alessandra van Otterlo, Dajana Dimovska and Eva Gaspar reached out to me last gamescom to join their endeavour to set up a European Game Showcase during GDC – and so I did. 🙂
For all of us the purpose of this personal pet project is to give European Developers exposure and face-time to publishers, press and partners at GDC in a more personal setting (hit me up if you explicitly fall into that group).

Since we want to keep the conversations direct and have only limited space it is an invite-only event during GDC-week. If things work out (and by now the attendee list looks already amazing!) we will continue this next year and reach out to way more countries and partners to make it a truly European showcase since we had to self-limit ourselves and thus the number of countries participating. Thanks also to André Bernhardt and Robin Hartmann, who helped preselecting the German, Austrian and Swiss submissions.

Though we can not invite everybody here is the line-up of the showcase! We are really thankful for the developers who joined us and are looking forward to the event! Thank you!

European Game Showcase at GDC 2017 (games in alphabetical order)

Beautiful list put together by Alessandra!


Antegods is an action-packed 4v4 arena game where you pilot ancient Stonepunk battlesuits in an intergalactic tournament that decides the fate of the universe.


Developer: Codeglue
Game page:

Beat Cop

Beat Cop is about uncovering New York’s secrets as Jack Kelly, a former detective who has been framed for a murder. Find the truth, issue tickets, be the beat cop.


Developer:  Pixel Crow
Game page:

Cannon Land Family

Pet Bullets are back! And now they are bringing their beloved families with them! Re-discover the super cute Cannon Land universe in this exciting and fun cannon game.


Developer: Herding Cats
Game page:


Detached is an interstellar duel that demands skill to survive. Make smart decisions and race to safety in this visceral exploration of deep space.


Developer: Anshar Studios
Game page:

Euclidean Lands

Euclidean Lands is a beautiful puzzle game with unique mechanics, set in a world of stunning cubic architecture.


Developer: Miro
Game page:

FAR: Lone Sails

»FAR: Lone Sails« is a 2.5D vehicle adventure game. The player needs to maintain and upgrade their unique vessel to explore a dried-out sea.


Developer: Mr. Whale’s Game Service
Game page:

Felix The Reaper

Felix The Reaper is a romantic comedy about the life of Death – a 3D shadow manipulation puzzle adventure of dance, dying people and dangerous love.


Developer: Kong Orange
Game page:

Future Unfolding

Future Unfolding is an action adventure that is all about exploration. Your goal is to unfold the mysteries hidden in the beautiful landscapes around you.


Developer: Spaces of Play
Game page:


Invert is a minimalistic, 2D Rubik’s cube-like puzzle game. Make all tiles the same color using as few moves as possible. Easy, but hard to solve well.


Developer: Glitchnap
Game page:


Kabounce is a competitive, team versus team, multiplayer pinball game where you control the ball.


Developer: Stitch Heads

Keyboard Sports – the final tribute

In a time where new gadgets are invented every day this is our final tribute to the keyboard before it becomes extinct.


Developer: Triband
Game page:


Lily, a flower game about childhood trauma.


Developer: Charlotte Madelon
Game page:

Monster Prom

Monster Prom is a game meant to be played from 1 to 4 players that mixes “choose-your-own-adventure” stuff with dating sims’ mechanics.


Developer: Beautiful Glitch
Game page:


Moonlighter is a action RPG game with rogue-lite elements. The main character is Will, an adventurous shopkeeper who secretly dreams of becoming a hero.


Developer: Digital Sun
Game page:

Niche – a genetics survival game

Niche is a game about genetics, heredity and evolution. Preventing an animal tribe from extinction is a tough task. A journey through different landscapes awaits!


Developer: Stray Fawn Studio
Game page:

Old Man’s Journey

Old Man’s Journey is a soul-searching puzzle adventure game that tells a story of life, loss, and hope.


Developer: Broken Rules
Game page:


PLANET ALPHA is an adventure set in a living alien world where you have the ability to manipulate the daytime.


Developer: Planet Alpha ApS
Game page:

Planetoid Pioneers

Planetoid Pioneers is a side-scrolling, physics-driven adventure game filled with crafting, combat, and exploration.


Developer: Data Realms
Game page:


Revolve is a Triggeractive Platformer. You have no direct control and need to use boosts, gravity & momentum to escape a dystopian world.


Developer: Rusty Bolt
Game page:

Stormbound Kingdoms

Stormbound Kingdoms is an online strategy card game. Every card played comes to life. Feel spells sizzle and see creatures battle on your mobile screen.


Developer: Paladin Studios
Game page:

Super Hydorah

Super Hydorah is a challenging and non-linear shmup, designed to offer a memorable experience. The game is like a true son of the shmup classics.


Developer: Abylight Studios
Game Page:

Tick Tock: A Tale for Two

A two-player adventure game, played on two devices, that is all about communication. Solve puzzles together and unravel the story of two peculiar clockmakers.


Developer: Other Tales Interactive
Game page:

Tower 57

Tower 57 is a top-down twin stick shooter with 16-bit inspired pixel art and heavy focus on co-op. The modern take on what made AMIGA games so great.


Developer: Pixwerk
Game page:

Wild Guardians

Wild Guardians is a multiplayer tower defense where strategy is everything, allowing the player to customize both towers and waves of minions.


Developer: Corsegames
Game page:


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Who is organising this?

The organisation of the event is in hands of (in alphabetical order) Dajana Dimovska, Eva Gaspar, Tobias Kopka and Alessandra van Otterlo. The regions that they cover are resp. Denmark, Spain and Portugal, Germany, and Belgium and The Netherlands. There is no representative of Poland on the organizing team, but Pawel Miechowski is in charge of the curation committee for Poland and Eastern European countries.

Special thanks to John Polson for the introduction to GameSpot!

Why are we organising this?

This initiative spawned as an idea of four individuals with a developer and events organizer background who wanted to help European developers getting better visibility and contacts to press, publishers and strategic partners at GDC. For the first version this event is an initiative of us as individuals but we are highly open to extend the reach and scope for GDC2018 regarding more organizers and supporters from more participating countries.