Gaming Preferences

I´m always lagging behind a bit with my game literacy, so I wanted to start keeping track about what I´m actually playing and to remind myself what to look at next.

I´m playing games since the mid 80s, when I had the chance to play Centipede on the Atari 7800 at a friends house (thanks to Katharina and her parents for this twist in my life :)) – I was so struck about the shere power of this a totally new experience, that I never stopped playing games since then and I loved to see how the medium evolved over time – and is still!

If time would be endless, I´d try to play everything on my hands, no genres preferred.  But I always have a slight tendency to genres which take up much time eg. Roleplaying-Games (no matter wether Single Player or MMO), Realtime Strategy Games and – of cause – Adventures.

But I´m also interested in all new approaches on game design, interface-design, use of sensors, environment, location, or context, in general mixed reality, storytelling etc., in short: everything which brings the medium of games and interactive art forward.


If it comes to my games preference I really don´t take any stand in the “AAA vs. Indie vs. Casual vs. Whatever” thing going on. There are – of course – a lot of reasonable discussions going on regarding to topics like  “innovation in games”, or “work/life balance” or “sustainablity” or “exploitation/self-exploitation” or “diversity”, but I´m not into this here.

If it comes to the actual games I believe it doesn´t make a difference who brings the medium and art of games and game development forward, it is an ongoing conversation between people, ideas, opportunies and obstacles everybody has to face. Thus I think it is appropriate to respect all people for their great work, no matter in which field and context they work – it´s their decision.

Additionally, if it comes to complexity, does it really make a difference who takes the next step in innovation in the thousand domains which have to add up to finish a great game production? Innovation is happening on a multitude of layers, from art to production to platforms to technology to quality assurance to team management and on.

Back to my games list: I´m happy for advice and exchange: please contact me about everything that might be in my blind spot (especially in the indie space! I´ve curated some conferences, but there´s always more to know), I´m happy for all considerations what to look at and to exchange about this.

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