Looking for a room or flat in New York for three Weeks

Update: 13.09.2015, 20:10: We found a place in the East Village – all set! Thank you all for helping!

Help appreciated

IMG_6572Anna and me are going to the US again for six weeks and are looking for a room or flat in New York for three weekseither from the 24th of September til the 16th of October, or from the 16th of October until the 1st of November. The other three weeks we will be visiting different cities at the East Coast, so we are still flexible regarding the timing. And potentially two weeks or 4 weeks might be also an option, so if you are interested let´s chat! 🙂


We don´t need any fancy stuff, mostly a place to sleep with wireless connection and the chance to cook. Anna will be most of the time at the Library for Performing Arts – and I will do network and travel again, so both of us will be roaming the city most of the time and be happy if we can cook sth in the evening if nothing is to do (which ain´t that often in NYC 🙂.


And if you are wondering, yes we have a budget we can spend for the room 🙂 –
but we are asking around for recommendations  since

  • a) we don´t want to spent it on the monstrous AirBnB- or Hotel prices without need
  • b) living in the city in touch with people from the local neighbourhood is always nice
  • and c) we would also happily do an exchange with our flat in Cologne etc. if our potential host feels compelled to visit Germany at the same time. 🙂


Thank you!

Thank you for reading and considering to help. In case you hear something or have an idea, please get in touch!
Tobias and Anna


Tobias Kopka
tobias.kopka@gmail.com / +49 170 2895561

Anna Carolin Weber