European Game Showcase at GDC 2017

Coming up soon is the first European Game Showcase at GDC But how did it come happen to be? Alessandra van Otterlo, Dajana Dimovska and Eva Gaspar reached out to me last gamescom to join their endeavour to set up a European Game Showcase during GDC – and so I did. …

2017 is here

Dear friends, after 2017 has rolled-out around the globe I´d like to thank you for the time we shared in 2016, be it in physical face-to-face time, or be it here on digital and social media! It´s been a wild ride and I´m thankful for the experiences made. In general …

Achievement unlocked

Achievement unlocked: Speaking publicly – in English – in free speech – in 12 Minutes – on a mainstage – on the cracker/demoscene and communities of game developers – in China. 🙂      

Demoscene-Workshop at NYU Game Innovation Lab

I will be giving a demoscene-workshop at New York University at the game innovation lab next week, more than excited! I will use Intromaniac, though I know is isn´t the only way to go with demo editors, but since it´s a hands-on workshop with just three hours of time, it will …

Destination New York

 I´m in New York from end of November 2014 until mid March 2015 working (from) there on our projects. I will be back in Germany after Game Developers Conference in San Francisco.