Games / Events / Demoscene

My current focus is on conferences, events & international networking. Below you will find my projects which center on Games, Game Development & the Demoscene.


Festival Director / Artistic Director
responsible for the artistic & program direction, international network and partnerships of Ludicious - Zürich Game Festival

Ludicious Zürich Game Festival 2018
January 2018


Head of Content, International Partnerships
responsible for the program, speaker-scouting, content & international co-operations of devcom 2017
(based on a predefined concept we were filling content in)
devcom 2017 / Gamescom 2017
August 2017

Conference & Program Director
responsible for the program, speaker-scouting, content & international co-operations of Respawn - Gathering of Game Developers
Respawn - Gathering of Game Developers 2017 / Gamescom 2017
August 2017

Conference Director
responsible for the program, speaker-scouting, content & international co-operations of our international conferences Quo Vadis and Respawn

Quo Vadis Game Developer Conference 2015 - 2017
/ Centerpiece of International Gamesweek Berlin 2015 - 2017
April 2015 - 2017

Quo Vadis_Logo


Head of Program

Concept, Curation, Dramaturgy of the program of Respawn
Strategy,  Cooperations with partnering events
August 2014 


Head of program

Quo Vadis Game Developer Conference 2014
/ International Gamesweek Berlin 2014
April 2014

Quo Vadis_Logo


Team Deutscher Entwicklerpreis 2013,
Dezember 2013



Concept, Strategy, Program
of the newly invented Conference Respawn - Gathering of game developers
(in co-op mit Stephan Reichart)
August 2013

Processes, Strategy und Communications
Development of the program-backend infrastructure

Part of the Core Orga Team
(Stephan Reichart, Michael Liebe, Christina Lamyon, Tobias Kopka)
Quo Vadis Game Developer Conference 2013
Deutsche Gamestage Berlin April 2013



Expo and reception Games in NRW
Deutscher Entwicklerpreis 2012
Dezember 2012


Project-Management, Concept, Program

Next Level Conference 2011
(in co-op with Johannes Brauckmann und Stephan Schwingeler)


Concept, Planning, Execution

Scientific research conference on the relations of  games, body-movement and learning
ifs internationale filmschule koeln
März 2011


Core-Advisor of the initial Concept of the Next Level Conference
Opening keynote, Organisation and curation of the expo on the demoscene
Next Level Conference 2010

(in co-op with Can Rastovic, NRW KULTURSekretariat
and Tobias Heim & Johannes Brauckmann, Digitale Kultur e.V.)
Mai 2010 - November 2010


Advisor, Concept, Execution

Games & Film I
(in co-op with Alexandra Ohlsen and Wilma Warren)
ifs internationale filmschule koeln
März 2009


 I talk and write on Games

and the Demoscene

Talks / Workshops

Recent appearances (Moderation, Pitches, Talks):

  • Reboot Develop (Dubrovnik (04/2017)
  • Ludicious Zürich Games Festival (01/2017)
  • X-Mas Pitching of Games Bavaria, Munich (12/2016)
  • Next Level Festival, Düsseldorf (11/2016
  • Play-Festival, Hamburg (11/2016)
  • Reboot Develop, Split (04/2016)
  • GMGDC, Chengdu, China (11/2015).

Earlier appearances:

Lecture: Curating game conferences - approaches, insights and experiences 

Guest lecture at Parsons School for Design, New York
Seminar of Benjamin Norskov
New York City, October 2015

Screenshot 2015-02-20 17.18.55


Workshop: "Quirky craft: an introduction into the demoscene in making Amiga style retro intros"
New York University, Game Innovation Lab
(Andy Nealen/ Katherine Isbister)
New York City, February 2015




Lecture: "Games / Culture / Business"
Universität zu Köln, Institut für Medienwissenschaften
Seminar of Prof. Dr. Benjamin Beil
January 2014.


Lecture: "Digitales Kamingespräch zwischen Tobias Heim und Tobias Kopka"
Digitale kultur e.V.
Next Level Conference Dortmund
November 2013



Lecture: Storytelling und Achievements: Motivationsstrukturen in MMOs,
Uni Siegen, Januar 2011



Keynote: Demos and Art
Opening Keynote Next Level Conference
Köln November 2010



Lecture: Games und Kulturelle Bildung
in co-op with Stephan Schwingeler
Dortmund U, Zentrum für Kunst und Kreativität
Mai 2011



Lecture: Authentizität im Computerspiel
Museumsquartier Wien
Quartier für Digitale Kultur, Subotron
Oktober 2010



Lecture / Demoshow : Digital Art of the Demoscene
Digitale Kultur e.V.
Gamescom Hauptbühne
Köln August 2010


Lecture: Quo Vadis Demoscene?
SIGINT - Konferenz des Chaos Computer Club
Köln Mai 2010



Lecture: Was man im Kultur-Bereich von Gaming-Communities lernen kann
in co-op with Anna-Carolin Weber
Start Conference 2010, Konferenz zu Social Media im Kulturbereich
Duisburg 2010



Lecture / Demoshow: Demos Howgo 2010
Living Games Festival 2010 / Ruhr 2010
Bochum 2010



Lecture: Community Building
(in co-op with Anna-Carolin Weber)
Start Conference 09
Duisburg 2009



Lecture: Von Cracktros bis zu Mirrors Edge: Das digitale Graffiti der Demoszene
Living Games Festival 2009




Tobias Kopka, Demoscene - Wettbewerbskultur und Community, Artikel für Stiftung Digitale Spielekultur, Online 2016. Online available under (German only):

Tobias Kopka, Interface Control Meaning. Eine typologische Gegenstandssichtung des Phänomens Exergames, in: Serious Games, Exergames, Exerlearning. Zur Transmedialisierung und Gamification des Wissenstransfers (Hrsg.: Freyermuth, Gotto, Wallenfels), Bielefeld 2013, S. 265-288.

Tobias Kopka, Anna-Carolin Weber, Community-Craft. Community-Strategien im Bereich digitaler Spiele als Anregungen für den Kulturbereich, in: Social Media im Kulturmanagement (Hrsg.: Karin Janner, Christian Holst, Axel Kopp), Heidelberg 2011, S. 115-147.

Tobias Kopka, Anna-Carolin Weber, Online-Communities. Theoretische und praktische Grundlagen für Kulturschaffende, in: Kultur 2.0. Neue Web-Strategien für das Kulturmanagement, Hrg. Hans Scheurer/ Ralf Spiller, Bielefeld 2010, S. 161-187.

Since 2001 in Video-Production and Editing

Before going professionally into the games industry I finished a masters degree (M.A.) in Theatre-, Film- and Media-Studies, worked for more than nine years at a film university and used to edit with Avid all kinds of semi-professional video productions for the same time. If needed I´m nowadays working with Premiere or Final Cut.

Some of my videos are on or inspired by the Demoscene, and most of them are adaptations from art, dance- or performance-pieces, filmed with 3-4 cameras, most of them are not online for copyright-reasons of the used music on stage.


Curation und Editing
Three video-exhibits on the topic  demoscene for the permanent collection of the Computerspielemuseum Berlin
Digitale Kultur e.V.
Berlin Oktober-November 2011


reinraum_2 reinraum_1

Museumsnacht Düsseldorf, Ausstellung und Demoshows zur Demoszene auf Einladung des reinraum e.V. (für Digitale Kultur e.V.) (zusammen mit Tobias Heim und Johannes Brauckmann)


>>> please find more projects in my side interests (Video / Performance / Art) here