Future focus: Ludicious and Reboot

It´s been the news in June that I´m joining Reboot, so here is also the website update! Super-excited to announce our partnership for the upcoming years, working on beautiful events in Croatia and also Canada!
My main focus will continue to be Ludicious and there will be still some time for freelance work and advisory, as the pro bono project European Game Showcase at GDC for example will continue. But as Ludicious is only an 60% work involvement and basically everybody came knocking on the doors after I left Aruba in summer 2017 I took the time to figure out options – and decided to partner up with one of the most passionate and driven teams, as we have been building close relationships over the recent years when I was heading the partnerships at Respawn, devcom and Quo Vadis. I´m really happy about the composition of Reboot and Ludicious, since they are complementing and supporting each other, with all stakeholders on the same page. Really excited about the future!

So here is the official news:

Tobias Kopka to support Reboot in new key role in their Reboot Develop conference worldwide expansion plans.

He joins the conference organizational arm of the company as one of the key partners and will be the new Head of Developer Relations for the conference that just pushed it’s big rebranding scheme and is next to now world renown Dubrovnik conference in Croatia opening another ambitious boutique games industry event in Canada, Banff in the fall of 2019.

Together with his involvement with Reboot Tobias Kopka will continue to support the Swiss community in leading Ludicious – Zurich Game Festival as Artistic & Program Director, which he joint last year after heading the program of Quo Vadis Game Developer Conference, gamesweek Berlin from 2013 till 2017 and co-inventing Respawn – Gathering of Developers, which he led as community-driven Conference Director from its inception in 2013 till its merger with devcom last year. He also held a key role in building outstanding speaker lineup and partnerships for devcom games industry conference in 2017. He has a widespread network with developers and conference organisers around the globe and has a background in the demoscene for more than 25 years.”

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