Reboot Develop Blue, April, Dubrovnik 2019

A couple of years ago I I got to know a guy standing behind me while rolling down the escalators at GDC Moscone West. I poked him because something sounded familiar about the company on his badge. It was a certain Mr. Đurović just setting out for the second edition of a small boutique conference called something like Restart, or Revoke or hmmmm..can´t remember…but which I already heard about to be cool, as having good speakers and being deeply rooted in the Adriatic community.

We exchanged cards and while rolling down the stairs bonded on a quick exchange on partnerships between our conferences, competition and community. But I had no idea what this would lead into years later… ??‍♂️?

Fast forward to today, I´m still speechless about the community of amazing creators which came to speak and attend, the beauty and density of the experience, and the tremendous feedback we received so far.

A big THANK YOU goes out to all ?? who helped us making a groundlaying edition of REBOOT Develop Blue possible ?: to our amazing speakers?, partners☕️, attendees and friends who created this unmissable experience of energy, exchange, fun and joy! ?

Thank you pushing for this outstanding edition together: Damir, Pavol, Ivana, Alessandra, Juraj, Leo, Tomislav, Zoran, and many more -on the team and helping around- to make it happen. This was outstanding, now let´s get some long good sleep (especially you: escalator guy!), recharge batteries and have a nice time off.

And if you are already Reboot homesick, save the dates for REBOOT Develop Red in Banff, Canada from October 30th on ??! ?

Thank you!